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Packages & Rates

Put Your Life Into Focus

$15/1 Group Study Session

Foundational Tools & Skills

Training hosted by Cyanna to improve focus, productivity and motivation

All three sessions should be attended: 
Planning & Organizing
Boosting Motivation 
Rewiring Your Mind For Success

$40/1 Private Session

Coaching for Neurodiverse Learners

Private Coaching will give me the opportunity to create a study process that is uniquely catered to your needs--ideal for those with ADD (such as myself), ADHD, and dyslexia

Choose ONE of the three foundational tools & skills sessions 

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$100/3 Private Sessions

Bundled Private Package*

The bundled private package is your insurance to guarantee a smooth introduction to your new, organized, consistent, distraction-free lifestyle. Let me smooth out the bumps for you-- so you can build the confidence to sustain it throughout the semester.

Receive all THREE foundational tools and skills sessions privately AND one study topic of your choice

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NO Study Sessions, Attend Open Zoom

Become a member of one of our groups, and meet the other members in our "Open Zoom" biweekly event. Attendees must schedule ahead to receive the link.
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Packages & Rates: Packages & Rates
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