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Frequently Asked Questions

What is study coaching?

Study coaching provides you with strategies and frameworks to achieve your goals. Unlike tutors, that provide specific information on particular classes. Study coaching trains you to decompress your daily stressors (such as planning, organizing, and a lack of interest in the work) and allows you to make space to fully bloom--exploring your interests and uncovering your true passions.

Who is study coaching for?

Our "Foundational Tools & Skills" sessions cater primarily to college students seeking to reduce distractions, and improve consistency, productivity, grade point average and spark passion in their courses. However, our bundled private package is ideal for a working professional looking for strategies to boost productivity, passion and free time.

How is study coaching so effective?

Study coaching is so effective because we don't tell you "how" or "what" is most important. We simply provide you with  the strategies and frameworks for you to decide. Our approach is empowering, which inevitably leads to personal discoveries that were previously suppressed.  

How can I get started?

Navigate to "groups" and select the group you wish to be a part of. Click "Join" to become a member. Gmail is our meeting and calendar provider, which requires new members to sign in with a gmail account. Navigate to "Book online" at the top to select coaching sessions you wish to attend, or "open meetings" to virtually meet and catch up with other members.

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